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Louisiana Orphan Train Museum

Celeritous LLC had the opportunity to revitalize the Louisiana Orphan Train Museum.

Louisiana Parents Opened Their Hearts and Home To the Many Little Children By Providing A Chance for a Better Life

“You can not dream yourself into a character, you must hammer and forge yourself one.” - Henry David Thoreau

Did you know this place existed in Opelousas?

I heard about this potential job through our local Sherwin-Williams Manager, Bill Gatlin. He informed me that Charlie Roy was looking to have the Orphan Train Museum repainted. Well I'm familiar with the Roy family but never had the pleasure of meeting Charlie. I reached out to him to see if maybe we could be of service. I'll be honest these pictures do not serve as justice to how intricately designed and complex the craftsmanship of this style of building actually is. After deciding our team was up for the challenge, we presented Charlie with an estimate sometime around the end of November 2019.

Fast forward to late January, we still had not heard anything about whether we were going to be granted the job or not. After a short inquiry to Charlie, he informed me that along with a donation, the board associated with the museum was going to use its own funds to push the commercial painting project along. Great news for us we got the job. Bad news for us, they decided on what my team thought was a difficult color to work with: YELLOW.

Color Selection

Deep yellow colors are notoriously known for having poor coverage and hiding capabilities in regards to paint, but the board and Charlie wanted no other possible option. I am honestly glad that they stuck with it. As a contractor. I encounter a wide variety of personal preference to color palette selection. I tend to shy away from voicing my opinion unless I think I can build upon what they are aiming to achieve. This was not one of those cases.

Abstract Thoughts of the Project

I encountered so many young and old passerby's while working on this project that it honestly took me by surprise. From my perspective Opelousas has a serious drug and homeless problem but it also has an abundance of residents, young and old, who are eager to find employment. I handed out more business cards to people who approached me in a 2 week span, than I did all last year meeting with potential clients. Not a single one of them struck me as someone that I definitely wouldn't consider hiring if I had the work to provide for them.

Closing Statements

My team and I pride ourselves on working hard and delivering the best results possible for our clients. When I had nearly given up hope on doing business in my hometown of Opelousas, Charlie Roy and The Louisiana Orphan Train Museum have changed my perspective with this exterior painting project, and I want to thank them for that.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with The Louisiana Orphan Train Museum and the results of our labor. See for yourself, below, as I've posted a gallery of before and afters.

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After (Night):

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